A Czech Wedding in Kostelec Nad Cernymi Lesy

Wedding chapel

Wedding chapelAfter a decent night of sleep according to Czech standards (6.5 hours), I woke up to a grey cold morning in my fresh white and orange IKEA decorated room. I wrote some postcards thinking I would post them right away but on Saturday, the Post Office is only open from 8-10 and when I got there, the line up was all the way to the entrance. I asked the client behind me “Mluvite Anglicky?”, and he responded with a nod of the head meaning so so and I showed him the stamp square on the postcard and he pointed me to the tobacco shop.
I decided I would wait to mail my postcards and came back to my room to get ready and pretty for my friend’s wedding. I was so happy to finally wear my dress and shoes! I decided to wear my spring coat which wasn’t warm enough for the cold windy day but I felt pretty!

The wedding invitation card said we were to be there at 11:00am. My walk to theInside de Chapel chapel was very short and I wasn’t sure where I was. I, along with other guests, were looking around, unsure if this was the right place, and waited until somebody came and knocked on the big black metal door of the chapel. We weren’t even invited in but everybody assumed we were alowed to go in: It was a beautiful chapel, with arches, lots of dark solid wood, paintings and stained glass.
I was trying to find somebody who would recognize me and say “Are you Jana’s friend from Canada?”. After several minutes, the newly weds arrived and soon enough we were invited to sit down on the wooden chairs. The ceremony music started with the song Imagine by John Lennon, and it brouight tears to my eyes. It was floowed by the usual wedding song when the couple arrived. There was a Queen’s song apparently interpreted by a classical ensemble which I didn’t remembered.
Wedding famillyI was so happy for my friend to finally tie the knot with the man of her dreams. The choice of music was very good. The vows were finally exchanged after  a very serious long speech. I was then able to see my chaperon, Jirka, whom Jana had told me would be her witness. I looked at him pointing my finger meaning, are you the one? And he pointed in my direction with the same meaning and from there he told me he would drive me to the restaurant in Jevany, and invited me for the group picture. I was invited to stand right between Jana and Jirka which made me feel very honored. Jana’s father introduced himself and started speaking French to me and introduced me to another older member of the familly, whom I am sorry I forget the name.Wedding reception
After the pictures and presentations, we were off to the restaurant where I would learn later the lunch would turn into dinner and then into a party that would last until the early hours of the morning. Everybody was assigned a seat with their own names written on little cards. My chaperon Jirka translated everything and introduced me to their friends and I chatted a lot with the first guy I met when I arrived at the Chappel. I told his girlfriend I thought he looked like Luc Leblanc, New Brunswick famous Acadian Luc et Luc tv show host and actor but when she googled pictures with her smart phone she didn’t seem to agree much. I still think he looks a lot like him!

As soon as we entered the dining hall, the couple broke a plate of the floor on purpose as per tradition and p[icked up the pieces together.

Czech wedding Soup

The bride’s dress was beautiful and I thought she and her husband made such a lovely couple. The buffet, mostly traditional foods  was delicious; I had potato salad, beef goulash, cucumbers from the greek salad, some banana slices with some honeydew melon. When the cake was served, Jana made sure I had a piece of white cake from the wedding cake. Then, later, Jana’s father brought me a small plate of traditional mini desserts. Jana and DD
Everybody was so welcoming and friendly. The first song the newly weds danced on was a traditional Polka, and after that, everybody went to the dance floor, and I talked about politics, movies and tourism with Luc Leblanc’s look alike. My chaperon ordered some vodka for me so I could chill out but being jet lagged I found it hard to relax. My guests were sorry to see me leave around 6:30; I told them I had to get back to my room to rest…
I got a ride back to Kostelec n. c. l. with Luc Leblan’s look alike girlfriend, accompanied by my chaperon. I Jana & Her "Brother" Jirkafound that people drive very fast here and noticed most of the people drive manual cars, some very old ones that wouldn’t pass New Brunswick’s annual inspection although my hosts’ were very fine . They dropped me off on Prazska, in front of the tobacco shop and I walked to my room which was behind the building, on a dark alley.
I spent the night video chatting with mama D and Dami: I miss them so much!
After such a long day, it felt nice to drift to sleep…

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