36 Hours in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ocean Train Rainbow and Cows

Mama D and I took the Ocean Via Train to Halifax this summer. The train ride from Moncton, NB was awesome! We had a free Chalet Suisse Dinner (chicken with fries and gravy) because the train was 3 hours late and they didn’t have enough food to serve dinner in the dining car. We enjoyed our cabin and played dice, chatted and watched the beautiful rainbows and big thick white clouds.Ocean Train Rainbow and Cows

Once in Halifax, we took a cab and checked into our Hotel, Cambridge Suites. Our room was on the second floor facing the Citadel. It was a very spacious room; it was clean, comfortable and modern. This hotel is great because it is walking distance to all the major sights and although it takes 5 minutes to walk down to the harbor, it takes 15 to walk back up!

Hotel view from Harbor Hopper
Our Hotel, Cambridge Suites seen from the Harbor Hopper.

The next day, we visited the Museum of Natural History (my favorite) where it was fascinating to see a bee hive with translucent walls and with a clear tube leading to the outdoors.  We had a guided tour of The Citadel with its awesome views. DD at the Halifax Citadel

After our lunch back at the hotel, we booked  a tour on the Harbor Hopper and we were very pleased with the tour, our host and the seat she recommended. Last but not least, we went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic where we fell in love with Merlin, the famous pirate parrot.

Merlin at The Atlantic Museum
Merlin, the Parrot at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic said ” Hello”, “Ha?”, “Peek-a-boo”, and “Merlin”. He must have a bigger repertoire but that’s all he agreed to tell me.

The next morning, we took advantage of the free guided tour at the Public Gardens and it concluded our quick visit. Dami was picking us up at the hotel and we headed to Baddeck, on Cape Breton Island to get to our favorite place, Big Hill Retreat.Halifax Public Gardens Snake

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