A Day in Viserhad

View from Viserhad

View from ViserhadI am writing this post sitting on the sofa of my new room #35. This is the biggest room I have had so far. It has a separate living room, a separate bedroom with the entrance and bathroom in the middle. The room is on the street side with two tiny windows which are too high for me to see outside although they let in some nice natural light.  It is a little chilly and I turned the heat up. I am watching an old French comedy translated in Czech. I am drinking a warm honey and vanilla camomile tea.

Viserhad ChurchToday I took a walk around the Viserhad neighborhood. I started by walking down to the Vltava, and then up the stairs to the church of of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.  The views of the Vltava from the grounds next  to the church were magnificent. While walking and taking pictures under my umbrella, I had my packed snacks that consisted of a hard boiled egg, a small apple pastry from the breakfast buffet, and half a delicious red apple. The cemetery was quite impressive with all famous Czech people buried there since 1870, including Dvorak. The tombstones were the nicest ones I’ve ever seen. Actually I have never seen such a cemetery.

Church view from cemetaryThe usually paying bathrooms were free today maybe because it was Easter? I walked in a park on the way back, passed Hotel Union; If I would have had to move out for the weekend this is where I would have gone to but luckily I was able to stay here and only change rooms. Hotel Union is on the corner of a street where passes trams and the train which I find too busy. The park was filled with locals enjoying their holiday weekend.

A little further was the humorous Police Museum which was only in Czech so I passed. Looks like I am passing on the museums so far: it’s not on the to-do list. There is so much to see outside, it’s unbelievable and 3-4 hours of walking is enough for me. I thought maybe I could go see a movie but I decided to stay in and enjoy my super big room.

I think it’ll be one of the dehydrated German soups for supper: it’s a day for hot soup.