A Few of My Favorite Travel Things by DD

These are a few of my favorite things I bring whenever and wherever I travel.

I bought this Silk pillow case  last year after Auntie J told me the wonders of sleeping on a silk pillow case. I was a little disappointed at first for paying 50$ because the description didn’t say it was 50% cotton but it is on the reverse side so it doesn’t slip. Anyhow, I am now very satisfied with it, I always wake up with super soft skin and I bring it with me on trips to put on my memory foam travel pillow. I wash it with a natural fabric soap and hang to dry which it does super fast.

I have a similar memory foam travel pillow, not this exact one but it’s basically the same. It rolls into a bag that fits perfectly in a carry on or a suitcase. It is light and I wouldn’t travel without it. I don’t need to worry about the hotel pillows anymore. I am a side sleeper and I never have a sore neck with this.



This Thermos insulated lunch box is not the most fashionable one but it suits all my needs. I am always on the lookout when I’m shopping and it’s still the best. It fits nicely under the plane seat next to my purse. It is so easy to reach and it can stay upright so nothing gets shifted and the ice stays on top. It can hold 2 meals and snacks and even more for a long day of flying with transfers. I put snack Ziploc bags of pretzels, chips, almonds and a chocolate bar in the outside zipper compartment for snacks; the main compartment always stays cool since it’s not being opened all the time. I use frozen peas and corn on top of my sandwiches and veggies to go through security and once passed I get some ice that I put in large freezer Ziploc bags.  Remember to throw any remaining melted ice before going through security again. You can get more ice once you pass security. Put the ice and frozen peas on top of your food in freezer Ziploc bags.


I love this Iphone/Ipad stand. I carry it with me everywhere: kitchen, work station, bedroom, living room, airport you name it. It fits in a jean pocket once folded. I gave a few away for Christmas last year and I hope those who got one are as happy as I am with it. It’s perfect for Skyping, watching a movie or videos or just for resting the phone while recharging or when space is tight.



How did I survive without the Iphone 6? For only 100$ more, you can get the 64GB which would be worth it; I wish I would have had that option when I got mine. I have the 16GB and I use the Cloud for storage. This little phone is a space saver. I can’t believe all the things I can do with it and the things I don’t need to carry anymore like the netbook that had a lot of storage but it was so slow. In the past I used the netbook to transfer my photos from my camera but now the phone replaces both. I use it as a calculator, calendar, alarm, stopwatch, a timer, a camera (it takes amazing pictures and videos), notebook and for to-do lists. It connects super fast to wi-fi and there are tons of apps available. It also now replaces my mp3 player. All I need is my earphones; the bud ones are the best with a mic integrated.

My Mophie Powerstation 4000 mAh is ultra light and can recharge my Iphone almost 3 times although I rarely had to use it because the Iphone 6 battery lasts so long! I still find this essential to carry in case of emergency. It goes with me whenever I’m out of the house for more than half a day. It stays charged for months when not in use.



Thanks to Mama D who suggested these portable speakers! I know there’s now Bluetooth technology out there but I have these speakers and they work very well and pack nicely in their own pouch with a compartment for the wires so it doesn’t get tangled. I used to plug them in my netbook but now I plug them in my phone and in the wall with a USB adapter. The stereo sound is impressive for such small speakers and they are so light and compact. With these speakers and the Moko phone stand I’m all set!


Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones

Dami and I bought an older version of these Skullcandy Lowrider headphones that now have a microphone. We’ve had them for more than 7 years. Dami’s white and green ones are flaking (the vinyl on the ear cushion) but not mine as you can see on the picture on the left. They fold super small and are lightweight. For low budget headphones they are very good quality. I also have the earbud version that I don’t use anymore because I got some with a microphone.


These Klipsch earbuds are great because they have a built-in microphone to answer calls and they come with a mini tiny carrying case and I love everything mini! They are not officially noise blockers but I find them pretty good. The last time I used them was at the airport and they worked great when I didn’t want to have to listen to some loud speaking woman next to me.


I love to be able to make my special breakfast muffins when I travel. With these “no muffin tin needed” muffin cups you can bake muffins or cupcakes anywhere you have access to a stove. I prepare my dry ingredients from home and make half batches at a time and freeze them. Many hotels now have suites with full kitchens.



I always bring one of these flexible cutting boards. It fits in any size suitcase outside pocket.



This Silicone steaming basket is great for not only vegetables but meat and fish as well. It can also be used as a pasta strainer if you don’t have too much to drain. It fits in almost any size pot and can even steam a small chicken not to mention it will fit in any size suitcase! All kitchens will have a pot that it can fit into. Salmon fillets take 8 minutes to cook, small chicken breasts 20 minutes, chicken breasts with bone 40 minutes and a full small chicken about an hour. You can keep the broth which is delicious and healthy!


I can’t wait for my next trip and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Until then I may have found a new favorite, who knows? Safe travels, have fun and remember it’s not just about the destination…


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