Big Cat Rescue

The private guided tour is a great way to learn about Big Cat Rescue and the work they do to help big cats.

On our Tampa visit I was excited to visit Big Cat Rescue as part of our vacation.  Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the USA dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. They do education, outreach, and rescue for big cats around the world and support the efforts to end the exploitation of big cats.

I follow them on Twitter and Facebook because of the gorgeous photos the volunteer keepers take of the cats and also the amazing live video they stream during big cat surgery or vet interactions and daily feedings.

What is…what could have been…what never will be…the cats at Big Cat Rescue and their plight, pain and progress can make you weep.

All visits must be booked in advance and it is in no way a petting zoo or a place for a photo-op by tourists with selfie-sticks. Big Cat Rescue are very protective of their cats and take great care in providing a safe and enriching environment for the cats who come to them.

Our visit was so nice, we arrived in the morning and were the only people there. BCR really ensures that the environment is peaceful and secure…we were given a tour and we felt like special guests during the whole time. Our guide explained the situation of each cat and made sure we understood the rules and the philosophy of their establishment.

We don’t announce who we are our what are experiences are when we arrive. We like to fly under the radar to just be the average person and hear what they have to say to the average person. we love BCR, they really exhibit their pride and push out their being furring every visit. IT WAS AN AMAZING VISIT!

Well when I say amazing I mean it was nice to see what they do at the facility. I find the photos on their Facebook and live camera feeds are much better than the photos I could take on site but anyone who says they are not trying to do good things needs to take a visit to see that they are trying to educate and rescue big cats from often horrendous condition s.

Like a family tree, this poster of the faces of some of the cats who have been at BCR over the years makes you appreciate the unique life of every creature.

As a follower of their Twitter page and Facebook page I am so encouraged to know that there are people like the hard working volunteers at Big Cat Rescue who give so much of their time to help save and rescue the cats of the world who suffer the abuse of certain humans.

During our visit I realized that the best photographs of the cats are taken by the loving keepers who give part of their lives to the Rescue and I was unable to take any nice photos of the cats but that was all part of the experience to be supportive of the facility from a distance.

I love BCR!!!

Big Cat Rescue is an animal sanctuary near Tampa, Florida, United States, devoted to rescuing and housing exotic felines, rehabilitating injured or orphaned native wild cats, and ending the private trade and ownership of exotic cats via educational outreach and legislation. As of August 2015, the center is home to 19 big cats and 67 small cats. Big Cat Rescue has sheltered binturongs, bobcats, caracals, civets, cougars, Geoffroy’s cats, leopards, lions, lynxes, ocelots, sand cats, servals, and tigers.

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Happy guy! You can almost hear the purring from within!

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