Busch Gardens Tampa

The cool weather couldn’t stop us from being happy to be at Busch Gardens in Tampa! If this is what Florida calls extreme January weather then we’ll take it compared to the snow in New Brunswick!

We are so excited to be going to Busch Gardens in Tampa today! Now that we are all settled in to our amazing accommodations we are ready to finally start our Tampa vacation with a day trip to Busch Gardens. It’s a bit chilly this morning, enough that even us Canadians need to wear a hat and mittens in the morning.

We were just as excited to be here as when we were at WDW! It’s always fun to arrive at the park and get signed in and get in the lineup to enter the main gates. The kids who are on their first visit are all excited but DD and I were also feeling the tingling anticipation of the day.

Despite the cool start to the day we had a great time, we did our first ride in the kiddy parl: it was a Grover roller coaster and was fun! I was ready to do some of the big rides but DD has a delicate disposition and was not going to do rides like Falcons Fury or Cobras Curse and all those insane rides, we still had a good laugh on Air Grover despite being the elders on the ride!

I loved the Cheetah ride, it runs on magnetic power and is fast and smooth…I also did the Kumba roller coaster but Cheetah was my favorite for the smooth speed. Kumba was nice for the 360 degree rotations and the track was long. It was interesting to stand in line waiting for the ride to start and watch all the kids with their phones. They were all texting and doing selfies and totally into their social media stuff and then got on the ride and only stopped looking at their phones once the ride started and as soon as the ride was done they got off and got back to their phones…us old timers were trying to regain our balance and restore our legs after what seemed like an earthquake and shuttle launch combo!

Lunch was amazing! We ate at the buffet overlooking the African animals and watched the giraffes and zebras play in their field. It was an awesome lunch…DD will tell you more I am certain! 😉

One of the shows we really enjoyed was called “Opening Night Critters” and was a live show featuring rescued animals in a live theatre performance with actors about a stage manager and his quest to find a replacement to lead the animal theatrical show. It was really good! There were cats, dogs, rats, skunks, birds and horses all coming on the stage between songs and acting by some very good human performers! It was really fun!

We had a nice visit with the elephants and were in the park until it closed at sundown. It was a great day, our first time in Busch Gardens and the start of an amazing visit to Tampa!