Charles University’s Botanical Garden in Prague

Charles University Botanical Garden

Charles University Botanical GardenI am now in hotel 16, and I am so glad I decided to come here instead of staying at the other place. I might have to move this weekend but nothing I am sure can compare. I am well taken care of here and it is better suited for my needs. There is construction next door but the noise is not always constant and at least I have a nice garden view and I can hear the birds when I open my window.

When I got here on Monday morning, I didn’t feel like doing much. I foundBuilding behind tree in Charles University Gardens it very stressful to have to move hotels. I didn’t sleep very well because of the trams. I had to choose between 2 rooms; I chose one on the 3rd floor still looking out the garden but this time with bigger windows and the light is awesome. I went out to do some grocery shopping and did a lot of chatting with Dami and mama D.

What a beautiful day we had in Prague yesterday and today. I could have taken more advantage of the nice weather but I still feel jet lagged and I don’t feel like doing too much all at once. The hotel is right beside Charles University’s Botanical gardens and it has become my sanctuary in Prague. The entrance to the garden is free for now because it is not all in full bloom. For a small entrance fee of 50Kc you get access to the beautiful hothouses where you can see ferns with a pond, and cacti. I tried to make the exotic birds above the entrance talk but they didn’t feel like chatting. I loved watching the big fishes in the pond filled with lily pads. Reminded me we have a beautiful pond back home that will start to come alive when I get back from this trip.

Charles Botanical Garden BenchesAs I was walking on Benatska Ulice towards the gardens, I heard a bird sing, maybe a mocking bird that sounded like Walt Disney’s “Be our guest, be our guest, put our magic to the test” and it sounded like Prague singing to me; It was a magical moment! This botanical garden is apparently the oldest in Prague, and being surrounded by old trees always humbles me. I always get emotional and I feel they communicate with me; They comfort me. The walk in the garden was so lovely. It was quiet and it was a beautiful stroll even though there weren’t many flowers, the ones that that were blooming were pretty and it was nice to see some color. The birds were singing new songs to my ears and they made me feel good!

Back to my room it was time to prepare some lunch and soon enough it was already time for supper. I had a chat with Miroslav and I told him to check out Radio Radio for a feel of the Maritimes!Charles Botanical Garden Pond

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