DD and Mama D are going to Walt Disney World!

Yes! Finally I am going back to Orlando, Florida. I am so happy! Mama D offered the trip, she’s such a sweety! She thought it would be better to see each other somewhere warm this winter instead of coming all the way from Quebec to New Brunswick. Our trip is from January 16-22. I am leaving from Moncton and Mama D leaves from Montreal. We are both meeting in Toronto and flying together to Orlando. We will then take the Disney Magical Express to our resort, Port Orleans – Riverside. We both have our yellow tags to put on our luggage before we leave.
So far the weather in Florida seems a little cooler than normal. The weather is all messed up: it’s warmer in the north and cooler in the south! It’s December 22 and we still have no snow in the Moncton region. We are having a Nor’easter with lots of wind. Fortunately we still have power and none of our trees have been damaged.
To prepare for the trip I’ve been doing some reading and we’ve been watching Walt Disney movies. We watched Snow White, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland and we will watch Mary Poppins before returning the DVDs Saturday. I read a Walt Disney Biography, read the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; the movie is playing tomorrow (Dec. 23 2010) on Turner Classic Movie Channel. I am now reading The adventures of Tom Sawyer. Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are caracters from Mark Twain ‘s books that are part of Walt Disney’s childhood. He did put a few of attraction in their honor: Mark Twain Steam Boat in Disneyland, California and The Island of Tom Sawyer at both the Florida and the California Parks. It is going to be fun. We might even get a bite at Aunt Polly’s Dockside Inn (the food counter on Tom Sawyer Island), who knows.  I won’t be able to catch up with all there is with Disney but at least it’s a start. Walt Disney wanted Disneyland to be something organic, something that would be alive and in constant movement and change. It is indeed alive and growing. Growing from one generation to another and from one park to another.  I will definitely see the parks in a different way this time.
Among the attractions I am looking forward discovering  for the first time is The Haunted Mansion: I can’t believe we passed this one when we went in 1988. Of course I am looking forward Soarin’ at Epcot. I can’t wait to see Mama D’s face when we walk out and I take her picture: It will be priceless! There are the attractions I won’t go back to because I have motion sickness: Star Tours (closed for refurbishment anyway) and  Test Track.
I hope our room is not shabby because I read the rooms are getting old, with wallpaper peeling and stained carpets. Hmm.. Maybe I can bring my mini scotch tape roll and just stick some behind the peeling wallpaper if there’s any? Hey, why not!  Between Mama D and me we’ll probably have so many things mini! Most of all, I hope it’s clean. I know they are renovating French Quarters but what if I had booked there and still got an old room? I am sure it can never be as bad as the room at the Best Western Plantation Hale in Kapaa, Hawaii, impossible. Or even worse, our entire trip turns out as bad as in The Out of Towners movie starring Jack Lemmon. No!  Everything will be alright and we will have a good time! As long as I don’t hurt anywhere… there’s always something! Headache, pimple, tummy ache, cold sore, earache because of earplugs, sore throat, PMS, painful periods, you name it!
I love planning for trips. 25 days to go and I already have my biggest suitcase right beside my computer desk. I bought a few things for the trip like an immersible water heater and a portable cooking range. We are not supposed to bring these items but what the heck, I want to be able to reheat stuff and warm milk for teas and coffees. We will be spending so much time outside of the room I want to at least be able to relax in bed with some snacks and be able to have a light breakfast before we leave the room.  We will still have all our meals at Disney’s restaurants.
I already have a few options for our first evening, depending on how the check-in goes:

Option 1 – take Boat Taxi to Downtown Disney, go to Rainforest Cafe to buy some big 2 cup size coffee mugs. Get a bite to eat and grab some snacks for the next day at Pollo Campero. Try to get on the last 11 Oclock boat back to the hotel.
Option 2 – Stay in, order pizza, salad, dessert with a big 2 litre of Pepsi. We’ll have lots left for the next day and we’ll have pop in the fridge.
Option 3 – Go to Riverside Mill Foodcourt for supper and buy snacks for next day. Go to a whirlpool if we can find one, relax and plan our next day.
It’ll be interesting to see which option we choose. I don’t want to plan too much other than that. I made a list of where to eat in each parks, including counter service and table service. For the remaining days, I’ll try to now focus on Christmas and New Year.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

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