Dobrý den: My Trip to Prague, Czech Republic

Czech phrase book and money

Czech phrase book and money6 months ago, my Czech friend told me she was getting married. We both thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for me to visit and so she officially invited me to the wedding. I had good intentions of learning the Czech language but I got side tracked along the way and didn’t learn as much as I thought or would have liked to. Also, I wasn’t crazy about the self-learning book and cd I got: Complete Czech.  I like to laugh about it though; at least I can say I don’t speak Czech in Czech (nemluvim Cesky)! I do know some of the basics and will carry the Lonely Planet phrasebook with me.

I have been planning this trip for 5 months now and finally I am able to count the days; I am actually leaving next week!  I will be gone for almost 3 weeks.  To me there are 3 parts to a trip: the preparations, the trip itself and then the return home with the unfolding of memories with all the stories and pictures.  I will be flying with Air Canada to Toronto, and then with British Airways (not with FlyLo!) to London Heathrow and then transferring to Prague.  My only hope is that Air Canada’s employees who were on strike and got cut short by the Federal government, don’t all decide to call in sick in protest like they did in Toronto last week. Whatever happens happens, it’ll be what it’ll be and I hope it’s a positively memorable trip!

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