Dvorak Museum

Back of Dvorak Museum

Back of Dvorak MuseumAfter a morning visit from my Czech friend, I went to the Dvorak museum on Ke Karlovu. I spent a lot of time there, even though it’s a small museum. I took advantage of the 30 minutes I had to wait outside to photograph the statues and the buildings. It was a very beautiful day and no one seemed to mind having to wait outside in the sun.

Musaion themed painting in Dvorak MuseumIn most of the museums in Prague you can take pictures for a small extra fee; this one was 30Kc plus the entrance for a total of 80Kc. The visit starts with an introduction to Dvorak and his passion for trains. He was quoted for saying he would have given his symphonies to have been the inventor of the steam engine!

On the second floor, there is a beautiful mural from floor to ceiling and it is so beautiful. The visit ends with a a selection of 25 pieces to listen to with 4 sets of headphones and two seats. I sat there with a girl from Taiwan and we each took turns in choosing a composition. It was interesting since I am not a big fan classical music but I do enjoy music and I especially liked that they had different versions of each pieces. One that was different was a reggae version of the 9th symphony of the New World.

Pusinka at Dvorak MuseumOn my way back downstairs, I saw this big  long haired tabby cat, sitting on the carpet, underneath the reception desk. I couldn’t walk past this beautiful creature named Pusinka. Pusinka is a a homeless cat and the people there feed her and give her water. I bought some souvenir postcard and thought I would wait til I returned home to buy some music because it was hard to choose from the selection.

Tomorrow I will get to Koneprusy Caves by limo. The driver will pick me up at 11 and finally I will see the caves I have been waiting so long to see. I am very anxious to go and I hope I have a nice limo driver! Please, please please!

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