Floridays Resort, Orlando Florida 4.5/5

Floridays SignWhen planning for our last trip to Walt Disney World, I had first booked at the Blue Tree Resort but then after reading reviews online I switched to Floridays and it was the best decision! I had phoned the Blue Tree Resort with a few questions and wasn’t impressed with the quality of service I received but when I phoned Floridays I immediately knew it was a better place.

Some of the important things for us was a washer and dryer, good service, cleanliness and proximity to a grocery store. Of course Floridays offered that and so much more. Our room was basically like a condo with 2 bedrooms with comfortable beds, a fully equipped kitchen with marble counter tops, dining area, living room with pull-out couch and balcony with table and chairs, facing west with afternoon sun. The main bathroom had a jet tub big enough for 3 small people, a King size bed and a flat screen TV. The 2nd bedroom had two double size beds and a flat screen tv. There was enough storage space with closets and drawers. All we needed to ask for was a potato peeler and a blanket that were brought to our room within an hour. The wi-fi connection was excellent and the customer service at the hotel reception and concierge desk was outstanding. No wonder they are rated so high in all the online reviews.

We were charged daily Resort fees of 14.95 which I would have liked to have included in the price of the room instead of charged separately. Those fees covered among other things the daily shuttle to Universal, Sea World and Walt Disney World. We were satisfied with the service of the shuttle but there was room for improvement. The shuttle company was Orlando All Trans and their vehicles were fit for the pit in my opinion. One of them was an old Lynx public bus too old for transit users… but good enough for us… really? Another vehicle had the seal of the driver’s window broken and there was water in it; we could see the water line move inside. It took us from point A to point B but would not have been my first choice if I had one. All they do basically is buy old buses nobody wants and they paint them black with their logo.

We walked to the Publix supermarket that had everything we needed and was only 10 minutes away. We hailed a cab back that was parked outside and after putting all our bags in ourselves the driver told us it would be a 10$ flat rate and that nobody was willing to drive for $5… He went on to say it’s up to you… Well, with our bags already in we had no choice but took a mental note to call in a metered taxi next time; He didn’t even touch our bags once, how lazy. It is with great reluctance and disgust that I handed him my $10 bill. One day we stayed in to do some laundry and relax and took some walks around the resort and enjoyed the ponds with the turtles and birds. We enjoyed coming back from our long days at Walt Disney World to our condo where we felt safe, warm and super comfortable. When I say it was warm it’s because the weather in Florida in January can be cold. I would definitely recommend Floridays to anybody and I would say do not hesitate to ask for preferences and anything else you feel is missing from your room, they will gladly help if they can.

Facing west and being on a top floor was important for us as was being in a pet free building (A or B). The last thing I wanted was to hear was barking dogs; it’s enough having to hear the neighbor’s everyday. We are cat people after all… but I still love dogs, I just don’t like the annoying ones, and I could say the same for humans! All rooms have been refurbished and are all exactly the same. There are 6 floors in every building and although there was nothing available for us on the top floor, the 5th was fine. We were able to see a little tiny bit of fireworks through the trees. We barely heard our neighbor upstairs and it didn’t even bother us when on the Sunday of Martin Luther King Day, they stayed up all night and went to sleep as we were getting up at 4:00 am to catch our Mears Shuttle to the airport which by the way give a good service and I recommend them as well.

Not shown in the pictures below is a blender, toaster and cutting board. What are you waiting for!? Just book it!

Floridays KitchenFloridays kitchen starter kitfloridays plates and cupsFloridays glassesFloridays glass pansFloridays cuttleryFloridays fridgeFloridays freezerFloridays knivesFloridays pots and pansfloridays plastic bowlsFloridays dining areaFloridays washer and dryerFloridays living sittingFloridays living tvFloridays master kingmaster ensuiteFloridays bedroomFloridays bathroombathroom kitFloridays flamingo electrical boxFloridays heated bar aeraFloridays Mama D waiting for ShuttleFloridays heated poolFloridays building B and C


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