From Alice to Dorothy

Outside the window at Alice Penzion

Outside the window at Alice PenzionSaying goodbye to my hosts at Savojska Penzion was so hard. They are truly friendly and good honest people with big hearts. The daughter of the owners was so sweet. I will miss them and their cute dog Natalka. They were pleased to know I had put a picture of her on Tripsister. My visit to this small town will stay engraved in my memory forever I hope. It was special. If I was a movie script writer, this would be a great place to get inspired. In a way, it was my own movie and there was never a dull moment! All the people I encountered there were so friendly and I truly will miss them all!!

I don’t know much of the Czech culture but I know now that Czechs work long hours, don’t sleep much and are very stressed. No wonder they love Canada so much and their face lights up when I mention it’s where I’m from! Back home, life seems so much easier.

My friend picked me up yesterday morning in Kostelec n. c. l. and we went to see her new house and her cat Berticka: she is so cute and so friendly. We talked while we ate honey cake with peppermint tea. None of us had time to have breakfast and were hungry. The cake was delicious but gave me a little pain. It’s hard to refuse food from your host.

After less than an hour we had to leave, my friend had to go to work and she gave me a ride to my new apartment hotel where I will be staying for 2 weeks. I had another fast ride through tiny winding country roads, holding on to the door handle. We had so much we wanted to talk about and it was not easy to talk and I can’t wait to see my Czech friend again, in less stressful conditions.

She told me that her parents invited me to their country house; it’ll be fun

to see more of the country side! And we talked about what I wanted to do on the weekends because that is when we are supposed to get together.

In my new hotel, Alice Penzion, and I still haven’t unpacked my things. It says something; that maybe I’m not super comfortable here. I am still reconsidering the offer my hosts at Hotel 16 proposed me. The said they would accommodate me if I needed a kitchen and give me a discount so it is very appealing and their service is outstanding. I can hear the trams, the traffic and the people in the hall very loud as it echoes. There are tables there and I am not sure I would like to have people sitting there and chatting while I am here. The internet connection is  very bad. I had to ask for a soft towel because the ones they provide are like sand paper. I know this is Prague but I need something quieter.

Polar bears in Alice apartment FIt is now 10:00 am and I’m waiting for my taxi to go back to Hotel 16. Everything is arranged and I feel like Dorothy who just clicked her red shoes together while saying there’s no place like home. I didnt even take a shower, not that it is not clean but in consideration for the cleaning lady. She works hard and this will be one thing less for her to do.

I am so thankful for the polar bears on the wall, they helped me through The angels at Alice Penzionlast night. Cooking my dinner and talking to Dami and Mama D made me feel better too. Thanks to my gardian angel. Every time a tram would pass by it would wake me up and they pass very often throughout the night. The staff at the hotel were very kind through the whole process. If I could teleport the room a few streets farther from the crowds it would be fine. As a penalty I had to pay an extra night and to add insult to the injury, they charged me 2% for paying with a credit card… who pays cash for a hotel room for 2 weeks?

I will write about each different hotels later. For now, I would like to start relaxing and enjoy my stay in Prague and start doing all I had planned to do.

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