Gardens Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Prague Garden Statue

Prague Garden StatueCall me crazy but I prefer gardens to diamonds… yes and today I decided to visit the Royal Gardens and the gardens below the Prague Castle. I thought about visiting the treasures but changed my mind. What an awesome place it is! I have never seen anything like it. It must be even more beautiful in the summer with all the leaves in the trees and the flowers in bloom. The only name I remember is the Gingko Biloba from the Royal Gardens that was brought from China in the 1700’s; It was an old majestic tree.


The work involved in these gardens is unimaginable. Stairs here, there and everywhere, with rocks and bricks, some old, some new and lots of lavender; heaven for children who like to play hide and seek!

Prague Castle Royal GardensI took lots of pictures today, not just mine but offered a few couples to take their picture with their own camera. I could hear the busker’s trumpet again, the one pictured yesterday with his dog; he was still playing the same songs, including Indiana Jone’s theme which again reminded me of Walt Disney. I don’t know what it is with WDW, even when in the tram 22, we went along a narrow winding street and it felt like I was on one the rides except this was the real thing! I am sure Walt Disney himself visited Prague because I could feel it! If he didn’t, then his spirit must have!

Gardens below the CastleThe weather was cold and grey again today and it rained a little bit. The visit to the gardens was my only activity of the day apart from grocery shopping which I do often because I have a long list of food intolerance. I discovered a new cheese being unable to find Feta cheese: Balkanski syr. I find it pretty good and very close to feta despite what some people say about it. I tried it for the first time in a pasta dish with vegetables and eggs.
At DM store, I found some baby blueberry and pear puree. I think I will get some more tomorrow along with some coconut sesame snaps. I also got some dehydrated soups with no artificial ingredients;  cream of mushroom and chicken noodle soup. Those products are all by the German brand Alnatura. Albert also have some organic products but not as many as DM.
I bought some souvenirs that I am keeping secret because I might give them as gifts and it is so hard to keep it to myself! I got them a cute gallery.

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