Hollow Notes

“I won’t do it for money – I won’t do it for pride – I won’t do it to please somebody else If it don’t feel right”

Some shows are better left unseen…

In early June, we had bought VIP tickets with front row seats for the Darryl hall and John Oates concert in Montreal, and the fact that we were able to purchase them so close to the Concert day should have been a red flag. On June 18th, I received and email from Ticketmaster saying the show was cancelled due to scheduling conflict. We had bought non refundable plane tickets and had booked a pre-paid night at the Bonaventure Hotel so we went to Montreal anyway. We tried to look on the bright side; there were a lot of negative reviews by people who complained about the sound, about long jams of stretched songs, with Darryl not seeming to be in the moment and skipping lyrics. All their fans were expecting some kind of apology that never came. 

Now that the dust has settled, I’m ready to forgive Darryl Hall and John Oates for cancelling their July Friday the 13th Montreal concert with no explanations whatsoever.

Hall & Oates were my favorite rock group for many many years in elementary school. I learned English listening to their music while reading lyrics. I even sent a letter to the fan club that had moved and the letter came came back to me with the “Return To Sender’ stamp. I know for sure it is somewhere but I can’t find it. I saw them twice in concert with my uncle JL, and it is possible Dami was at the second one with his sister. I also enjoyed watching Darryl’s web series Live From Darryl’s House for many years.

We turned it into a romantic getaway and stayed in the hotel, spending a lot of time outside the breakfast lounge on the patio tables looking at the pond, the ducks and the koï fishes. In the morning before heading back, there was a duckling quacking frantically looking for his parents and finally his mother found him and it was a relief to see them reunited. The Koïs were huge and hypnotizing, like swimming flames. We ate at the restaurant twice and the food wasn’t as good as I remembered but there were no dishes to do!

After a four month break, I can go back to my old Hall&Oates, the way I remember them and listen to Darryl’s song Talking To Myself…

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