Jsem v Praze! (I am in Prague!)

I can’t believe I am in Prague finally! What a crazy set of flights this was. From Moncton, NB to Toronto ON, to London, England and finally to Prague, Czech Republic. As I am writing,  I am fighting the urge to lay down on the bed and sleep until forever. The British Airways flight attendants were just outstanding, especially David, on the flight from Toronto to London Heathrow.

I had planned to take the metro but once here, my suitcase felt like a ton of bricks and I decided to take a cab after I bought my cheap cellphone at Vodafone. I am now at the Hotel 16, on Katerinska street. The personnel at the hotel, Michael and Cenda gave me such a warm welcome! And the room exceeds my expectations. As soon as you come in through the heavy wooden door, you know this is a clean place. I feel very comfortable and safe here.

After getting a call from Dami, I went to the supermarket at Karlovo Namesti and got some supplies to eat on the go: a can of sardines, a mini can of corn, a carrot, a red bell pepper and some milk to accompany my home made oatmeal cookies.

I was surprised how the cobblestones make it awkward to walk and can be slippery when it rains. My umbrella wasn’t of much use with the cold wind. The temperature was around 9 degrees and very damp. I was glad I was wearing my winter coat.

I feel like I am on drugs from the lack of sleep and all the Gravols. I will keep it short for now because this is all my brain and my hands can produce today.