Making “Praguenade”

The rivers flow and I try to go with the flow. I am now getting more familiar with my surroundings and last night I took a walk as the birds were saying “good night, don’t let the bugs bite”. I heard them from my room and I thought I should go for my first walk by myself after supper. I walked slowly down to the Vltava river, and it was very peaceful and quiet.

On Sunday, my friend’s best friend took me for a tour of the green spaces in Prague. We saw Petrin Hill, The Senate gardens, Letna Park, the castle below Troja Botanical Gardens, The TV tower with the crawling babies sculptures, and another park I forgot the name where we each went our separate way for a pee break in the bushes with cops walking in our direction; we were able to make in in time!

The views from all the different places were all awesome. I even learned how to used my camera in dimmed light. After 9 hours of being driven all around the city, I was tired and offered my guide a nice deserved supper which earned me the title of “very good cook”. My meals here at the hotel are pretty basic; pasta, rice or couscous with chicken and vegetables (onions, garlic, ginger, colored bell peppers, carrots, green beans, mushrooms). For fat I use olive oil and butter, and for seasoning I use salt. It’s simple yet it makes tasty meals. Let’s not forget the Balkanski syr… it’s the Czech feta style cheese.

Today, I went to the Troja Botanical Gardens but when I got my camera out as I got out of the bus, I couldn’t turn it on; the on/off button got pressed in my bag and it drained the battery. I was glad it was only the battery and not something broken in the camera. I will try to go back to capture the amazing view from the vineyards. The entry fee is reasonable and it will be nice to have an excuse to see the indoor tropical gardens with the fishes that brought tears to my eyes, especially a big blue grey one who looked at me straight in the eyes before going back to his window cleaning business. Because we have have pet fishes in our pond at home, I know fishes notice us and recognize us. When I see fishes or any animal really I always have to try to make a contact and when we do, it’s always a treat.

I am starting to blend in, and I don’t feel like a tourist anymore. I am getting used to the city but even though the metro here is safe, I still find it stressful.  I have a bit less than a week here, and I have to take advantage of Prague and make “Praguenade”!

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