My Last Day in Prague

Saint Adalbert

Saint AdalbertMy last day in Prague was a strange day. It was cold, grey and raining. I walked mostly along the Vltava but got lost for about an hour in the narrow streets of the old town where I bought a souvenir in a little charming gallery called Art Master Gallery, at 6 Liliova Street.  The lady working there was so nice and she invited me to sit down and we talked a bit. I told her I would spread the word about this charming gallery promoting works by Eastern Europe artists. I saw Charles bridge for a second time, and found the statue of Saint Adalbert, the guy who built the fort in Kostelec nad cernymi lesy where my friend got married.

I only visited two museums while in Prague; Dvorak (my favorite) at the Amerika house and Kafka. The latter was a disgrace to the writer. I was so insulted to have been asked money to see this piece of crap of museum. It is the worse museum I’ve seen in my life. It was dirty, dark and dull. As soon as I walked up the stairs, I wanted out but I thought I would give it a chance and started reading the never ending texts on the walls. The display of pictures on the floor was horrible. They were on a bunch of rocks or charcoal behind dirty PVC or glass window and it was so uncomfortable to Kafka Museum Shoplook at. It was impossible to watch the movie being played because behind the chairs were images which people had to stand in front of you in order to look at them. The best part for me was the pee break.

I never wanted out of a museum so fast. I hated it and it is the worse of my trip in Prague! On the other hand, I loved Dvorak which was full of life, colorful and rich. Some say it’s for real fans of Kafka; I guess I am not one of those and the visit at the museum doesn’t make me want to read any of his books. Now there’s a problem with this museum. The person on Tripadvisor who said it was the best of their trip in Prague must have spent the rest in prison! I am not a museum connoisseur but from experience, it usually should be for everyone. In a marketing point of view you want to draw new fans so when they are done with their visit they feel like going to the shop to buy something.  In this case, they make you go to the souvenir shop first to buy your ticket whichCertovka Restaurant I have never seen before, unless it is an outdoor event. There was not much mention about his work in the museum; it was rather about places he lived at, people he knew and about his family. The Wikipedia page is a hundred times better!

The Kafka souvenir shop was quite nice except for the clerk who was a real jerk. I don’t like to write negative stuff but it is what it is. The lady selling the ticket to the museum was fine but it’s the guy in the back, who just didn’t want to be there on a Sunday, and was sick of tourists (and the season had only begun!), and was unfairly rude to me. After I had bought my ticket for the Kafka Museum, I wanted to have a bite to eat and was looking for a restaurant. I saw these narrow steps that lead down to what seemed like a nice fancy restaurant on the Vltava and I thought why not treat myself on my last day! But I went up as fast I came down after being unwelcomed by two of the rudest waiters. I said oh Kafka Peeing Statuesthank goodness you speak English and then I asked if they served lunch because the place was empty and they gave me the impression I had no business there and then one of them looked at me like I was an idiot and told me “of course (deuh) we’re open!” I said “Thank you” with a big smile and went back to where I came from with my empty stomach. It turns out I am now so grateful for the waiter’s rudeness after reading the reviews on Tripadvisor! The name of the restaurant is Certovka: beware and stay away! So I ate my little packed snack in the rain, sitting in front of the peeing statues.

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