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Hi everybody! When I updated my iOS the app I was using to upload daily pictures was rendered unusable. I started using a new software for the Photo of the Day gallery and so it might look a little rough for now but we wanted to at least share some recent photos, especially since our big fan Pat has been patiently waiting for new cat photos from us! 🙂


Every day we try and put a photo from our iPhone that we took today on this page. That’s why it is called our photo of the day page!


6 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day”

    1. Why thank you! I did have a bit of fun despite my efforts to not crack a smile or enjoy egg nog! Hope your celebrations were perfect! When you coming out for some lobster stew?

  1. The cursive writing photo looks interesting. Was that a technique used by letter writers to be able to write more on each page?

    1. Yes, it was explained that, at certain times,the cost of receiving some letters was related to the number of sheets of paper used so people would save money by using one sheet and writing criss-cross to put twice as much writing on a single sheet. Quite interesting to see!

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