Pizza at the Prague Zoo

Zoo Monkey

Zoo MonkeyMy Friday the 13th started with meeting my Czech friend at the gates of the zoo at 9:30 am. We are not able to spend as much time as we wanted to because she has last minute jobs and emergencies at her veterinary clinic.
We started our visit of the zoo counterclockwise and 90 minutes went by very quickly and it was already time to say goodbye since work was calling. I am so grateful we were able to share some funny moments like when I got an almond out of my bag to show the little monkey, who knew it was food and seemed interested, but he knew he could never get it so he lost interest quickly; he was still so cute!

Zoo Ice Cream SandwichI walked my friend back to the gates and then continued my visit clockwise this time. All this walking made me hungry and my little packed snacks were not enough. I treated myself for a vanilla ice cream sandwich and it was so tasty! I was so lucky to have a warm beautiful sunny day after all the rain we had.

Zoo MooseI passed by the funny and popular penguins. The Prague zoo is very nice and very big; It’s like the Jacuzzi of the zoos! It is so big there is one section I didn’t see. My favorite moment was with the moose, when one of them had his back turned but its ears pointing towards me and when I was by myself I said “I know you can hear me” and his head did a complete 180 degrees; he turned to see who was talking to him staring right at me!

Passing the pizza restaurant I couldn’t resist and I walked in with my Czech phrase book and managed to get understood saying I had allergies and was on a special diet. I pointed to the cook the ingredients I could eat and he made me a special pizza with oil, mushrooms, mozzarella and basil: it was so Zoo Pizzagood! I had two slices sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful view of Prague. I gave my compliments to the cook and gave them 20Kc tip and they were happy! The only downside is that they only made big pizzas so I had to carry it in a box the whole day and I felt it draw attention… weird looks by older people and curious looks from children. I asked for a bag at both souvenir shops and they didn’t have one big enough. I completely forgot I was carrying my mini travel folding bag in my backpack: oh well, it’s too late now.

Troja Botanical GardensAfter the zoo, I returned to the Troja Botanical Gardens to take the pictures I wasn’t able to take the last time I went because of my dead battery. More walking and still carrying my pizza box. I took a shortcut I hadn’t seen last time, crossing the street a few hundred meters from the bus stop. The walk was a steep one,involving climbing stairs but it got me there a lot faster.

I walked through the gardens with the pizza, still getting strange looks. I also went back to the tropical garden, and there, the lady at the shop remembered me and she gave me a nice souvenir paper bag and she made my day! I bought  small jasper stone to thank her. There were more people this time and the already small hothouse seemed even smaller and it felt cramped. A lot of photographers had their big lenses to snap butterflies. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take as good pictures as they did so I didn’t spend too much time and shot some videos for home and left. I was pretty much exhausted so all I wanted to do now was get myself and my pizza back to the hotel.