Ready for vacation, cue the flat tire!

Nothing worse than a flat tire on the day you are leaving on vacation!


So after like 6 months of planning, and we have pre-arranged everything for our trip to Walt Disney World down to the last detail including what we will be eating with our eggs in sunny Florida on the day we wake up and prepare to drive to WDW and wouldn’t you believe it that on the day we are leaving our car has a flat tire!

It’s not like flat tire and bent rim just appeared out of nowhere! Last night we drove to the Moncton Airport to pick up Mama D who was going to be our house sitter while we were in Florida and so we arrived at the Moncton Airport after midnight because of the flight delays due to the snow and we decided to drive home by the route going through downtown instead of the highway which was my mistake but only because as we passed the Champlain Mall in Dieppe there had been a major snowstorm and a pipe had busted open and spilled water all over the street causing a huge flood on the roads of Champlain boulevard and when we were driving home we hit a big pothole…not just a pothole but a BIG



BIG Pothole that caused us to freak out and wonder what had happened! We thought everything was fine until we got home and the next day saw that there were two rims on our car completely bent out of shape! At this point we are really needing a vacation but the fact the car is damaged is really bad news because how can Mama D take care of our house and herself without a vehicle?!?! Is she supposed to use a dogsled?? Anyway we need to get to the airport to fly on our vacation to Florida!
When we finally got to the plane in Moncton it was such a relief! Good bye snow! Good bye cold! It’s so great to have the direct flights now from Westjet that leave Moncton every week down to sunny Florida!

It’s so awesome getting on board the flight and taking one last look before you board the aircraft!
The westjet flight was so nice! It’s great to have a direct flight from Moncton to Orlando! Can someone pass me a herring? I am getting hungary!!

Up up and away into the wild blue yonder! OMG we are looking forward to the sunny times in Florida and my first trip to Walt Disney World!!


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