Renovate Good Times Come On!

Before & After Renovation of the Laundry Room

There’s a project goin’ on right here
A renovation to last throughout the years
So bring your new tiles, and your fixtures too
We gonna renovate the laundry room
                                thanks to Kool and The Gang & Home Hardware

It’s not exactly as exciting as a trip to Prague or as much fun as a train trip to Montreal but sometimes the next best thing to travelling is doing some renovations at home. Our laundry room had been one of the last rooms of the basement that needed updating. The floor was cement painted grey and we had foam exercise mats on it to make a carpet over the chipped paint and gouged concrete. There was a buzzing neon light overhead and a piece of cardboard covering a hole in the ceiling.

Before & After Renovation of the Laundry Room
We added a great built-in shelving unit to store food, and the pine panels go great with the new tiled floor and follows the theme of the rest of the basement!

When we moved in we had installed some brackets and added cheap shelving for storage but the walls were a hideous yellow and full of holes where the previous owners had put up odd hangars and storage shelves. The space was nasty and hard to keep organized. Basically it became the room that we only visited when we needed to do the laundry or to grab some canned goods that we stored beside the tools and camping gear.

It was finally time to do something about it!

We tiled the floor, painted the walls, put in a pine built-in shelving area along one wall, added a new utility sink, patched the holes, changed the lighting fixtures and suddenly…wow! We have our dream laundry room and food storage pantry!! We love it! Renovation is so great!

Before and After Laundry Room Renovations
Changing the lighting fixtures, painting the walls, adding ceramic tiles and putting in a custom built in shelving unit turned the room we were afraid to go into to the room we now enter and hear the sounds of Angels singing!

Come on now
Let’s all renovate and have a good time

It’s time to make it better It’s up to us, what’s our pleasure
Everyone around the world Come on!

Renovate good times, come on!

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