Sackville Wildlife Park

Quack Quack...follow your mama!

What an awesome day to spend in Sackville, New Brunswick strolling along the boardwalk that circles the waterfowl park. The sun was shining, a gentle June breeze was blowing through the leaves and we enjoyed some great sightings on our walk!

Quack Quack...follow your mama!
Mother Duck with Ducklings at Sackville Waterfowl Park. The Ducklings were looking for food and mama duck had to come and give a Quack Quack to call the little ones back closer to her. The marsh has such great food for the young ducks…it’s no wonder they like to swim here and there to slurp duckweed and grab some grass in the big pond! This day in June was great to see so many creatures!

It was so nice to see everything so green and the sunny day was perfect for DD to enjoy an ice cream cone as we started our walk. There are so many interesting aquatic plants that grow in the marsh and we always stop on the boardwalk to look at the variety of water plants. The trail and boardwalk around the marsh allows for so many bird sightings as well as great aquatic plants and wonderful insects and ducks!

Tree Swallow Nest with Ducks
The Tree Swallows were feeding their chicks in the nesting boxes at the Sackville Waterfowl Park and in this picture we see one of the Sparrows peeking out as a family of young ducklings and their mother duck paddles beside their nest. The ducklings were nibbling on the duckweed and algae while the swallows were feeding insects to their chicks. It was an amazing thing to see!

There were lots of birds out! Many ducks and geese and assorted birds. We also saw frogs and a muskrat. The boardwalk through the birch trees is one of my favorite spots…we spent well over an hour taking pictures of the creatures and enjoying the lovely day.

Smiling Frog sitting on Pond Weeds. We saw at least three different frog species at the Sackville Waterfowl Park and they had a great habitat with all the pond weed around them they could just sit on top of the matts of plants and grab their supper! The boardwalk around the park allows so many benches ands viewing spots to stop and watch these creatures. Frogs are fantastic!
The dragonflies were darting across the surface of the water sometimes resting on a branch before continuing their chase for insects. It’s hard to take pictures of these little creatures but I finally did when this little dragonfly stopped for a few seconds to rest.

If you are in South-Eastern New Brunswick, Sackville is only half an hour from Moncton on the highway towards Nova Scotia, you should take a few hours and enjoy the Sackville Waterfowl Park.

Mother goose was leading her 8 goslings in a fluffy little train as Father Goose followed at the rear to make sure everyone stayed in line! It was so cute to see this family slowly swimming across the pond. When they got into deeper water they mother and father started showing the little goslings how to carefully wash and clean under their little wings. They were all splashing around and it was such a cute bath time!!

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