Scratching the Surface of the Fundy Shore in Nova Scotia

The Fundy shore of Nova Scotia has so much to discover and explore. Stretching from Amherst to Digby, it is one of the biggest regions of the province. Our visit consists of two days in early June and our starting point is The Coastal Inn Hotel in Sackville, New Brunswick. We had a planned itinerary but as usual we made room for some impromptu activities and sights.

The Fundy Shore of Nova Scotia
The Fundy Shore of Nova Scotia

On day 1 we start with the Maccan Tidal Wetland Park. It is there that we see a Pleasure Way camper van and fall in love… it would be so perfect for us: imagine the freedom! We are a little early for the tidal bore but we’ve seen it so many times in our home town of Riverview anyway. We walk along a path between a pond and the river. It would make for a perfect place to stretch your legs after a long ride.

Maccan Tidal Wetlands Park

Our second unplanned visit is the Heritage Models Museum. We love everything mini so we’re in for a treat. It is the 20th anniversary of the museum and they are having a big chili night. We have the place to ourselves and walk from one amazing building to another as the employees switch the lights and warehouse motors on and off. Our favorite models are the Royal Palace Theater and the curling rink.Heritage Models Museum

Our next stop is at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs and we arrive at the same time as a Scouts and Guides tour group from New Brunswick. We go on a guided tour with Tammy who is so knowledgeable. We almost get a full hour with her down at the beach and being only in a small group of 5 we can ask all the questions we want.Joggins Fossil Cliffs

We have our launch in the car on the way to Parrsboro where we visit the Fundy Geological Museum which complements our visit in Joggins. Fundy Geological Museum

Not too far from there, we go on a 45 minute hike up to Partridge Island to get our hearts pumping and take in the awesome views of the Bay of Fundy. We take some souvenir rocks with us along with a perfect walking stick.

Partridge Island

After a well-deserved break at the car, we tour the Ottawa House by the sea Museum. Again, we are the only ones and at the end of our tour, we leave with some ancestry website addresses and our heads full of names and dates that we’re not sure we’ll be able to remember but our horizons are definitely broader.Ottawa House by the sea Museum

After a well packed day of standing, walking, listening, reading and concentrating, we are so glad to be back at the hotel. We end the day with a rejuvenating shower and we reheat our supper that was prepared at home the day before and it is so comforting: vegetarian curry with basmati rice and naan bread!

We start our second day at the Springhill Mining Museum. We are alone again and enjoy the peace and quiet. We are lead to the Miners Wash House and the Lamp Cabin before going down the actual mine that was in operation from 1960 to 1970. We are anxious to get down into the heart of the mine but before doing so we need to put on a rain jacket and a hard hat. The visit is awesome and probably one of the highlight of the trip for DD. We take some souvenirs with us; three nice chunks of coal, a coal black shopping bag and a coal miner’s check tag.

Springhill Mining Museum

At the Anne Murray Center, we are alone again! It’s like the whole town was shut down just for us!Anne Murray Center

We drive to Five Island Lighthouse Park to have our lunch on one of the picnic tables. The view is magnificent.Five Island Lighthouse Park

Our last stop is at That Dutchman’s Farm and we wish we could stay longer. We encounter the Dutchman while enjoying the herb garden and are delighted with his anecdotes. We serve as lunch to black flies and mosquitoes while we feed the pot belly pigs. They don’t seem to like DD’s smell of mosquito repellent neither does the goat that keeps sneezing when DD gets too close! We could stay forever in the maze like property that feels like a secret garden on a quiet day like today but we must get going. It is with sadness that we leave and we vow to return very soon.That Dutchman’s Farm

 Having only scratched the surface of the Fundy shore, we are itching to come back! DD is actually itching from a black fly that got underneath her pants and managed to bruise her calf!

We stayed at the Coastal Inn in Sackville and it was a perfect home base for our two day adventure. We were able to see so much on the Fundy Shores and get back to the hotel and relax. The hotel had a large fridge which was perfect to hold all our food and there was a nice counter top to prepare our meals.

Our home base for our 3 days of visiting the Fundy Shore was the Coastal Inn in Sackville. We loved it!
Our home base for our 3 days of visiting the Fundy Shore was the Coastal Inn in Sackville. We loved it!

We slept very well at the Inn, it was very quiet and comfortable. We had all our meals with us but if not the Coastal Inn is close to the Co-Op for groceries, to Timmy’s for a double double and even to the beer and wine store if you wanted. There are Coastal Inns in a few areas of Atlantic Canada, visit their website:

Our trip was a total of 770 kilometers, which isn’t too shabby for a great 3 days weekend! We saw so much in such a short period of time that our heads were still spinning when we got home on Sunday evening. Can’t wait for our next trip to St. John!!!

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