Touring the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Mother and Daughter standoff: Why you gotta give me the business?
This picture looks like a Mother and Daughter standoff at the lookout! “Why you gotta give me the business?”
The Cabot Trail is awesome!

This was Dami and DD’s 3rd tour of the Cabot Trail. We took the Englishtown Ferry to cut down some driving time and we stopped at most interesting lookouts.

Englishtown Ferry
We had to wait for the ferry but it was worth it: the views are amazing and it’s an excuse to relax and enjoy!

At the first lookout, DD aka mama bear got to pick a handful of wild blueberries!

Dami on The Cabot Trail
This is where DD munched on wild blueberries: there was loads of them!

In Cape North we visited the North Highlands Museum where we bought lots of souvenirs including an out of print 500 mile view from space of the Cape Breton Highlands.

North Highlands Museum
DD has to admit she ate one raspberry from the garden… but we spent lots of $ in souvenirs and paid our Museum entry…

We stopped for a picnic and got eaten alive by no see-ems again!

DD and Mama D picnic
We got to use the new table and bench covers!

Now Mama D will know what we’re talking about!

DD and Mama D on The Cabot Trail
What awesome views on the Cheticamp side of the Cabot Trail!

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