Tram 22 and Checking Out of Room 22

Walk to the Prague Castle

Walk to the Prague CastleToday was the day my friend’s father picked me up at the hotel. He knew very well this part of town and told me about the surrounding university buildings. He also told me about the French Association Center which houses a small French Library and a small cafe. It is near Wenceslas square. He even had tram tickets arranged for me, how nice of him! I should have known, he was once a tour guide during his school years!

We took the tram 22 up to the castle. We walked around the castle and he told me all about the 3 different sections. My memory for dates, names and places is not very good. We saw the government buildings and the famous Gothic church that took 500 years to build. We didn’t go inside the castle but the visit was an introduction so I would understand better when I make a return visit by myself. If the weather would have been better, we would have walked down the gardens but it was raining and about 7 degrees so I will have to goA Prague Castle Busker Dog by myself.

I told him trees and birds spoke to me more than bricks. I didn’t come all this way not to see  the castle so I might go back tomorrow, and visit both the castle and the gardens. There was a poor little dog who had to endure his busking master’s trumpet in the cold and he was making whining sounds as if to say “Can we go home now?”

We stopped in a small cafe where he had a beer and I, a non sparkling mineral water. After, I took the metro back to my neighborhood, nové Mesto. I had to walk a bit and I was glad my father’s friend told me to bring an umbrella. I went to have a look in a cheese and meat shop but they didn’t have feta cheese, only a more salted Czech version.

DD in Front of the Prague CastleTonight’s supper was yesterday’s leftover with old bread with butter and New Brunswick maple syrup. It was time to do some laundry and it is now drying on the heated towel rack in the bathroom. It should be ready before my room move tomorrow around noon.

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