Walt Disney World Rides – Animal Kingdom

I was at the Walt Disney World Parks for only 3 days. I didn’t have enough time to visit all of the parks, but I went to Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center and Hollywood Studios. I saw Magic Kingdom 22 years ago and all I can remember is the Carousel of Time. Here is an interactive map of Animal Kingdom, thanks to this YouTube user. I must say when I was on the rides, I thought, what part don’t they understand in no cameras and no filming? But now that I am back home, I must say I’m glad these people went against the rules… It isn’t that big of a crime because there’s nothing like being there in person and I believe this can also help people in planning their visit to Disney.

I hope you get the chance to go one day. It is a great experience. I recommend going in the low season, using the Fast Pass system and maybe getting a book to plan your stay. Pack light, have sunglasses for when you come outside in the bright sun from a dark movie ride. Bring a vest or something you can put on your shoulders when inside if the air conditioning’s on high. Bring snacks, a bottle of water, sunblock, and some $$.

It’s Tough to Be A Bug! 3D Show housed in the root system of the Tree of Life. Features Flik and Hopper, inspired by Disney-Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”. Some creepy-crawly moments in the dark.

This is the first ride I did Tuesday morning when I got to Animal Kingdom. I was wondering if I was at the right place cause I was the only one there, but soon enough some people started to walk in the line. I waited about 5 minutes to get in.

This is one of the videos of the movie I found. It’s not the best quality but it runs til the end when they ask the audience to remain seated and you feel the maggots running underneath the seat!

The next ride I took was the Kali River Rapids, in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom. I think I was the one who got the wettest.

Since I was too wet to eat at the Yak & Yeti restaurant, I sat down on a bench in the sun and relaxed a bit. This woman next to me asked on what ride I had been on to be this soaked? Yeah! I got a fast pass to The Kilimanjaro’s Safaris, then rode the Express Train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch but stayed in the train to return to Africa. The Safari reminded me of a PC Adventure game we played called Paradise, which is set in Africa.

The last ride I took in Animal Kingdom was Dinosaur. They take a picture of you inside the ride, at a scary corner and they sell it at the exit. I thought for 20$ it wasn’t worth it. They showed everybody in the car and one woman’s picture was way funnier than mine: she looked really scared and her mouth was open, you could tell she was screaming!

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