When You Wish Upon A Star

Charles Square Trees

Charles Square TreesWhat are the odds of me hearing a Walt Disney song while having my breakfast in the hotel? Yes! This morning I heard the Pinocchio’s song “When You Wish Upon a Star” and it brought tears to my eyes: I felt so special: That and being treated like a famous movie star! I have good news: I don’t have to switch hotels, only rooms; Friday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. I think it’ll be very interesting to experience the different rooms of the hotel, a bit like when Dami and I were in Hawaii at the Jacaranda Inn.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me, considering my previous days. I Easter Cowwent to Vodafone at Wanceslas square,  I thought they had robbed me by erasing the money I had left on my phone and replacing it with the new bought minutes; Turns out I was wrong and I do have all my money but I still don’t recommend them. The sales girl lost patience with me with her poor English… from what my friend told me Vodafone give bad service so if you can avoid them, do yourself a favor and go with another company.

Wenceslas Square Statue sideI then took the metro at the station Mustek on line B and rode to Cerny Most, to my friend’s office. I found the metro faster than the only metros I know which are Montreal, Qc and London England’s tube. I got the opportunity to be asked my ticket by a metro officer who showed me his tiny round badge. He looked at my ticket (which I had put in the machine facing the wrong direction), looked at his watched and nodded ok and gave it back to me. Other passengers were ready to show theirs but weren’t asked to.

Wenceslas Square other sideFinally at my destination’s I found it pretty easy to find my friend’s office and withing 2 minutes  was knocking on her door: Ahoj! While we talked there were some kids playing outside, in the parking lot and they started throwing their ball in the window. My friend yelled something in Czech through the opening of the window and it made them giggle like little rascals. That didn’t make them stop and they kept throwing their ball in window so my friend told me to wait and went outside to give them the business and I was so proud of her! She said “they don’t scare me!” And I was clapping and cheering for her! From then it was quiet and we continued our conversation, sharing stories.

Wenceslas Square MarketWe decided we will go to the zoo together on Sunday and agreed the only downside was that it would be very busy. So I am looking forward going to see animals, a passion we both share and it’ll be very interesting to tour a zoo with a veterinary Doctor!

My metro ride was was easier on the way back and I was surprised it wasn’t too packed and was able to sit down both ways. I wish I could have taken pictures of the seat fabric which was purple with a drawing of a castle but I couldn’t because my camera battery was dead: doh! I walked through Charles Square once more and it was just lovely!

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